Oleksii Novikov

300 LBS

Oleksii Novikov is a strongman competitor representing Ukraine. He has been climbing the strongman ranks very quickly over the last few years.  Oleksii started getting a lot of attention after he won multiple Arnold Strongman series qualifiers in 2019.   He had a great year of competition in 2020 winning his first World’s Strongest Man title at just 24 years of age.  Oleksii became the second man to win the title from Ukraine after Vasyl Virastyuk, who won in 2004. At such a young age Oleksii looks to have a very promising career in the sport of strongman. 

Notable Strongman Accomplishments:

-2 time World’s Strongest Man competitor

-2020 World’s Strongest Man Champion

-4 time Ukraine’s Strongest Man

-2019 Arnold Pro Strongman Africa Champion

-2019 Arnold Pro Strongman South America Champion